The PMP® certification is a way that project professionals distinguish themselves. In order to provide PMP® exam candidates with a better experience plus more information to succeed, PMI® launched an enhanced exam result report.

1. Some Essential Information About The Exam

The PMP® examination comprises 180 questions, including 5 pretest questions (do not affect your score) and 175 scored questions. 180 questions are selected randomly to be presented throughout the PMP® exam. For a list of current questions included in the exam, please refer to our blog: 5 types of PMP® exam questions

Total Examination QuestionsNo. of Pretest (Unscored) QuestionsNo. of Scored QuestionsAllotted Examination Time
1805175230 Minutes

The allotted time to complete the center-based examination is 230 minutes. You may take less than the allotted time to complete the examination. There are now two 10-minute breaks in the exam. 

  • The first 10-minute break: will appear after you complete questions 1- 60 and review all of your answers. 
  • The second 10-minute break: will appear after you complete question 120 and review all of your answers.  

NOTE: Once you review and confirm your responses and start the break, you will not be able to return to the questions from the previous section of the exam. 

When signing back in after each break, you will have the remaining allotted time to complete the remaining sections. In total, you will have 230 minutes to respond to 180 questions. 

There might be a tutorial and a survey in the examination; they are optional and not included in the exam time.

2. The Certification Exam Report

While previous exam reports only provided pass/fail notification and basic proficiency ratings, the new report gives:

  • A detailed and visual explanation of how well candidates did on the exam
  • An explanation of the results: above target, target, below target, and needs improvement
  • Customized tips for navigating the online Continuing Certification Reporting System (PMI® CCRS)
  • Help and guidance on what to do next

The detailed report also helps those who fail better understand and prepare for another PMP® exam.

3. Re-taking The Exam

If you do not pass the PMP® exam on the first try, you are encouraged to continue studying and retake the exam. You can retake it two more times within your one-year eligibility period. After three attempts, you must wait one year from the last examination date before you reapply for the certification. This policy is to designed to uphold exam security and reduce overexposure of examination questions to individual candidates. However, you are welcome to apply for any other PMI® certification in the same year.

If your one-year eligibility period expires without passing the examination, you must reapply for the certification.

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